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Absolutely one of my favorite smokes ever!

This is a cannasuer bud. After two hits I feel as if I am good, but the bowl is packed so I finish it. Each hit got me higher. Instantly a clear minded high, allows me to remember things rather than forget... or helps bring things into focus. A shift occurs ten to twenty minutes after, to an almost narcotic body high leaving the mind and body feeling great. Her taste is a sour, near lemon flavor on the intake with a sweet exhale containing earthy undertones. All around keeper!

The first notable thing about trainwreck (at least what I grew from a 35 year old plant) is the smell. It's like you just cut down a eucalyptus forest, absolutely sinus clearing, clean, almost harsh smell. The high is absolutely incapacitating, I took one hit and stared at the rain hitting the window for over half an hour. I enjoy trainwreck but I cannot get anything accomplished other than possibly making a sandwich (an easy one) and watching a movie or just listening to dark side of the moon on repeat. A VERY trippy experience and a joy to smoke.

This is, without a doubt, my favorite strain. It is a greenish white when properly grown and trim because of the sheer amount of trichomes covering every square millimeter of the bud. The smell is of lemon drops; sugary, syrupy sweet lemons. The taste is more of a lemon cleaner taste, if lemon cleaner tasted good that is.. The high is really why I love JTR; it's a very intense but focused and clear-headed high. I've found that for myself and most people that have tried it, it tends to have an almost ritalin like effect, you get extremely focused and careful about what you're doing. PERFECT for drafting, drawing, or building delicate little structures.

You open the jar and this wave of fruity skunk/rotting cheese hits you (and everyone else within a 10 foot radius), take it out and it's this rock hard, golden green bud with intense dark orange hairs all over, then you break it up a bit and the fruity really comes out, still a little stinky but definitely a fruity bubblegum smell. After breaking it up, toss it into the bowl and roast it down, it tastes sweet and fruity but you still get a little stank in there. The high is not perfectly focused, but a general euphoria with the tendency to make you focus on one thing, and one thing only. I find it's really easy to get work done and ignore annoying coworkers on it while being able to generally appear sober at first glance to most authoritative figures. As far as pain goes, the only complaint I've had is that it made the person focus on their knees and pain. I prefer it to most herb and consider it to be one of the best I've had.

Doesn't smell very good but this stuff grows tight and heavy on the crystals. When you see it you know it's legit. Nice big buds when grown in optimal conditions. It is kind of weak in the smell dep't but it makes the mouth water nonetheless. Classic smell and taste. "Know it when you see(taste) it" kind of taste.

Smells great. Pretty sweet and slightly earthy smell. Slight pine aspect to the scent but almost negligible. The high is more sativa than indica. Light orange hairs (sort of tan colored) and very heavy on the trichomes. Overall I'd give this an 8/10. But when it's this good, it is really just a matter of opinion. Very exotic stuff. Dense buds. Tight. Not very leafy if well trimmed. Doesn't get you tired or plastered to the couch. Good stuff. Could be a bit MORE intense but this is coming from an indica lover:p

Good to grow and smoke nice an sweet on the pallet try it you will not be disappointed.


This is an amazing strain. It is as tasty as a fresh joint, as it is lighting a 1/2in roach. It produces consistent buds that burn long and flavorful. Easily one of the best smokes I've got to experience!

Hands down my favorite smoke!


This stuff is incredible. The flavor starts in the front of your mouth and just consumes the rest of your head. It's sort of sweet and fruity and has a very distinct aroma. Absolutely A++ stuff!

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